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Chatbots Personalized

ChatCreate Assistant, at your service — employ your very own Virtual Customer Care Chatbot.

Setup Automated

Machine-Learning Models quickly analyze your chat history to teach your Assistant in minutes. Ready to launch faster than any competition.

Active-Learning AI

Your Assistant is constantly evolving and learning about your customers' requests to stay up to date.

Issues Alerted

When the Assistant finds new recurring issues, You will be notified first.

Compatibility Guaranteed

The Assistant works inside your existing Technical Solutions and support channels — all thanks to our open API.

Happiness Measured

Automatic Analytical Models use Sentiment Analysis to determine Customer Happiness and report it to you.

Chatbots resolve
Recurring Request

By using cutting-edge language processing technologies, the ChatCreate Assistant is able to understand what your users are requesting and help them out all by itself.

More complex requests are seamlessly handed to your qualified support agents.

Active Learning & Automated Setup

Machine-Learning models review Customer Interactions in real-time.

When new unknown requests come in, ChatCreate is the first to notify you. In combination with historic records, the Assistant builds up a library of requests for it to handle — all done without any human intervention.


Customer Insights for Sales Team

Analytical models provide easy to read reports of how your customers are evolving. Customer Happiness is automatically measured using Advanced Sentiment Analysis.

Setup — How ChatCreate Works


Choose Your Platform

Be it Intercom, Zendesk, LiveChat or something else — they all work with ChatCreate. You can even run the same bot in multiple channels. Multiple Handoff options are available, just pick the one you need.

Supported Chat Platforms:

Intercom Zendesk LiveChat Facebook Chatfuel ManyChat Many more!


Push It Live

Everything is set up for you by default, but you can always customize ChatCreate to your needs. New requests, welcome messages or even small talk phrases can be customized.

Our API allows you to connect and send or receive data from any platform — your CRMs, chat software, etc.


You're Done

Our machine learning models keep track of your Assistant. New request are sent to you — if you allow, the Assistant will take over and start replying to those requests as you tell it to.

Training the bot is as simple as swiping left and right — sounds familiar?

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