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Company Overview

ChatCreate is the second venture for its founders, Jorma Jürisaar and Juhan Kaarma. Their previous startup Weps was acquired in early 2018. Having worked with chatbots for almost three years, they are now bringing their knowhow to the enterprise.

ChatCreate’s vision is to improve communication. AI is already smart enough to automate a number of everyday mundane tasks. Conversational experiences are the next step.

In its first 6 months of operations, the company has already acquired a portfolio consisting of governmental, enterprise and startup customers. Some names include the Estonian Government’s e-Residency Organization, OP bank from Finland, SEB bank in Estonia, PZU Insurance, an airline and many others.

By combining smart AI with clever campaigns, ChatCreate has built bots that have:

  1. Increased sales 2.8x during a chatbot marketing campaign
  2. Solved more than 45% of incoming customer tickets automatically via live chat
  3. Sold 3 apartments in 10 days via a chatbot.
  4. Won 2 Kuldmuna Silver Awards

The company is backed by Contriber Ventures, one of the leading startup investors in Estonia, with Playtech founder Rain Kivisik and the president of EstBAN Rein Lemberpuu on board.

Additionally, in Summer 2018, the company raised funding from a number of leading angel investors, including co-founders of Pipedrive, an early investor in Taxify and Trind Ventures. ChatCreate is also taking part in the Alchemist accelerator in Silicon Valley.

ChatCreate Agency

In addition to the SaaS chatbot platform, ChatCreate has a separate award-winning agency for consulting its customers on any other chatbot based needs. This can include custom chatbot projects, marketing campaigns, generic chatbot consultations or any other chatbot or voice based projects. ChatCreate can bring more to the table than just pure software.